5 Ways to Create an Oasis at Home

If you build it, they will come.

This is probably the most famous line from the movie Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner. Honestly, it is most likely the only line anyone remembers from that movie, the reason being that it can be applied to most anything in life.

In a society and culture where most people wait for something to happen to them before they build their lives around it, the idea of building your life around something that doesn't exist just yet is, well, crazy!



The most critical part to having what you want in life and in love is visuaizing it and preparing for it's arrival. Invite love, peace, and joy into your home even and especially when it seems now is not the time for either. In the midst of your choatic singlehood, create an oasis at home that will invite all the things and the kinds of people you want in your life.

Prepare a space for your future husband, for the children you will have, and the friends you will invite over. Prepare your kitchen for the meals you will cook and treats you will serve. Prepare for the life you want instead of just settling for the life you have.

And this is what Decor and the Single Girl is all about and here are 5 ways to get started...

Your Starting Five:

  1. In the bedroom: Play natural sounds, spa or meditation music all day and night, non-stop. This may sound excessive, but the goal here is to create and maintain a certain level and energy of calm in your bedroom, no matter when you walk in, while you are relaxing, and especially while you are asleep.
  2. In the bathroom: Change out your normal soaps and cleansers with natural, non-toxic ones with naturally calming scents like lavender. This includes the hand soap your guests will usewhile visiting your rest room. Also, try burning a candle or an oil in that same scent, creating instant calm and revitalization when anyone enters.
  3. In the dining room: Serve food in a calm atmosphere; place your ding room lights on a dimmer or replace bright, glaring lights with softer ones.
  4. In the living room: Burn candles and/or your fireplace during the evenings. The warmth and glow of the light disarms anyone who may be having a roguh day. Plus, the aromatherapy of burning, scented candles (using naturally calming scents) instantly calms us, no matter how hard we try to stay all wound up.
  5. The exteriors: Whether it's a front porch, a back yard, or the patio of an apartment, the placements of plants and a water feature (fountain) will help make your outdoor space a destination and and a place to kick back and unwind. Add the appropriate furniture and you can spend hours out there, reading and sipping tea with friends, the love of your life, or with yourself!


Switch it up! These ideas aren't just useful in one room but in all!

When your man walks through the door and feels and overwhelming sense of calm and piece of mind, every time he walks in, he will always associate your place with serenity –– and this is exctly what you want! The world is a cruel, cruel place, filled with people who will anger and annoy you and it is so reassuring to know there is a place you can go to get away from it all, to recuperate, reenergize, and just be. The same way living in a calming environment will affect you, so will it affect the man with whom you want to spend your time. Prepare this place for him, now, even and especially if you don't have him, yet, becasue more than anything, this place is for you. Your home is a reflection of you, for sure, but the at the same time, you are a reflection of the home you have created. If it is calm, if it is warm, if it is loving, joyful and inviting, then, you will be, too!


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