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5 Things Men Hate About Your Place

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5 Things Men Hate About Your Place

1. All That Girly Stuff You Think is So Cute

Right now, you're a single girl but, unless you want to stay single forever, you may want to reconsider all the pink, frills, and bows you've scattered around your place. I'm not saying it's not super cute because I'm sure it is –– to you. Now, that's not to say you should go the exact opposite route and decorate your place as if it belongs to a guy. No way! But, why not try something more gender neutral? Use colors, hues, and shades that speak to your sensibilities as well as his. Balance lighter shades with darker ones, cut back on feminine florals, frills, and bows. Think hotel chic! 

2. Your Single Girl Dirt

It is no secret that some men, generally, love dirt but, even so, they only love it in their own apartments and houses. What they do not love is dirt in your place. A dirty single girl is going to stay a single girl.

Clear your clutter, girl, and scrub away the dirt and grime from your carpets, floors, drapes and upholstery. Hell, hire professionals if you have to! Organize, clean, and toss out clutter. Sign up for our free Clear Course for help. No man wants a filthy woman.

3. Your Barren Kitchen

What sense does it make for a man to even bother coming over if, when he does, there's nothing to eat or drink. And how lame is it that every time you see him, he has to spend money on eating out because you don't know how to cook, not even a little bit. Or how unfair is that he has to do all the shopping and cooking for those at-home date nights?

You should have a stocked fridge and a pantry filled with dry goods and snacks. But don't just fill your kitchen with junk, either. Nope! Let the man you want know that you plan on living a long time and you wish him the same, therefore, you treat your bodies well, nourishing them with clean, fresh, and organic foods. Do not stock your kitchen with processed and pre-packaged foods! Sign up for Steffans & Stansberry's Starting from Scratch Tutorial to help get you started.








4. Your Lady's Things Hanging Around

Before your man or man-to-be comes over, please, for Pete's sake, pick up your undies and bras and tuck away your personal care products like tampons and douches. Sure, he knows you own these things and would look at you quite crossly if you didn't, but let's not make him uncomfortable by leaving your intimate pieces strewn about. Save it for after you're married –– by then, it'll be too late! Okay. Bad joke but you get the point. Everything has a place so put them there! As for those tampons, as well as liners and pads, place them in a pretty silk jewelry roll and keep them close to the toilet where you keep your extra toilet paper and wet wipes. No one will ever know they're in there!

5. All Those Other Single Girls Living with You

If a man could have it his way, he would rather that, when he visits you, he's not entering a home filled with roommates. If you want to have a mature relationship with a mature man, chances are, it's time to make your own way in the world. Nothing screams immaturity than a woman or man living with roommates past a certain age or stage of life. A man who is serious about finding a wife doesn't want to have to contend with the three other women running around the house and their dates. He wants to be alone with you; he wants to see how you keep a home –– a real home –– not this fraternity bachelorette pad. Do your future a favor and grow up.

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