3 Ways to Clean a Messy Room in 3 Minutes

It never fails. 

You're having a lazy day at home. You figure you're just going to order a movie on-demand, crack open that pint of almond milk ice cream, and paint your nails with that non-toxic nail polish you've always wanted to try.

Then, he calls.

He's driving through your area and will be at your place in thirty minutes or less, but it's a mess!


Grab these 3 items and perform a quick exorcism because, God knows, we do more cleaning in the few minutes before a guest comes over than we've done all day!

1. Dirt Devil Versa Clean

It's always a grand idea to have two vacuums: a large, powerful one that scares the bejeezus out of your cat and a small, lightweight, less powerful one you can grab in a flash and whip around a room for a quick clean-up. This small, light, bagless vacuum is great for 3-minute cleanups and costs around just $20.00! It's great on tile, laminate, and wooden floors and will pick up the surface junk on your carpet. What's more, it transforms into a handy handheld vacuum for snagging those Cheerios you left in the crevice of your couch! 

2. Swiffer Duster

This isn't your mother's feather duster! The most wonderful thing about this duster is the way the dust adheres to its fibers and the fact that, when you're finished with it, you can just toss it in the trash! If you're allergic to dust, like I am, this is a godsend. After you're done vacuuming your place, take 3 minutes and dust off your tabletops, shelves, and electronics.

3. The Honest Co. Glass & Window Cleaner

This non-toxic, glass and window cleaner is perfect for touching up countertops in the kitchen and bathroom and even that questionable toilet seat, as well. Containing vinegar, it is a fast and effective way to clean many nonporous services, not just windows and glass!

We here at Amalie subscribe to The Honest Company, by Jessica Alba, and receive a box of organic and non-toxic products for home, bath, body, and baby every single month. Try this liberating line by signing up for a FREE trial sized kit and fall in love with a healthier lifestyle, as we did.

There is no reason to kill yourself with poisons just because you want your house clean! It is every single girl's responsibility to stay healthy and live as long as possible so she can enjoy that husband and those kids she's been pining for since she was, like, five.

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