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    Framebridge and Our New Legacy Wall

    When trying to decide what to do with the 115" back wall of my new workspace, I turned instantly to art but instantly hit a snag. I don't really care about art. It's not that I don't like art, but that I don't feel any sort of attachment to the art of others. This might be the curse of a maker –– I need to feel emotionally attached to any sort of artistic expression, be it mine of someone else's, and I have never felt connected to someone else's drawings, vectors, paintings, or photos. So, as you could imagine, this put a dampener on my decor plans.

    And then, I had a strok...

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    The Purge of 2018: People, Bad Habits, and Doubt

    Every end-of-year at The Gorgeous Girl's Guide, we purge –– and this year is no different. Well, actually, it's sort of different. This year, we are going deep. This year, this month, this week, right now, we are throwing out everything and everyone that no longer serves us, and we're not gonna think twice about it –– starting with people, bad habits, and doubt.

    Are you ready? Because there is no procrastination in shifting. There is no overthinking in getting your shit together. What there is, however, is lots of doing, lots of cutting, and tons of focusing and moving fo...

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    Patience vs Procrastination

    Anyone who has been a member of The Gorgeous Girl's Guide over the past 18 months, has come to know how much I absolutely hate procrastination –– as a word and as a practice. Just as this is true, so is my love of the practice of patience in all areas of our lives. And even though these two states of being may seem to be one-in-the same to someone from the outside looking in, they do indeed differ greatly. So, as we prepare for a new year, and any time you find yourself preparing for a shift, it's going to be important that you never confuse the two.

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    Be Careful Not to Commiserate

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people love a sad story, whether it's yours or theirs. You are more likely to find people who revel in your failure rather than your success. They will pretend to feel so very bad for you when they assume your boss called you into her office to fire you, but then, get awfully quiet when you tell them you're actually been given a promotion. Some people want to go on-and-on about their bad days, their illnesses and misfortunes, and no matter how uplifting or supportive you may be, no matter how many resolutions you offer, they will offer you that same o...

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    Ghosts of Holidays Past

    As the holiday season rolls along, some of us may be experiencing a number of emotional episodes and overwhelm. Getting together with our families can prove stressful, as we sit around a table with people who we haven't seen in months or years, questions and accusations hurling. Then, there is the familial dramas that have been waging on for decades, since before you were even born! Everyone wants to know when you're getting married, or why you don't want to have children, why is it taking you so long to finish school, or why in the world you would want to move away from all of this.

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