Review: Henna Color Lab: Natural Henna

We absolutely love this henna! In my personal experience, I found the formula thick, rich and perfect for my thick, long hair. Here's how I did it:


  1. Purchased 2 packages of henna
  2. Purchased one set of long, thick, yellow dish washing gloves
  3. Purchased plastic processing caps
  4. Spread Honest's Organic Healing Balm around my hairline (you can use petroleum jelly, but I don't touch the stuff)
  5. Mixed the 2 packages of henna in a large, glass mixing bowl using my color application brush
  6. Separated my hair into 6 sections and secured each with black hairbands
  7. Applied the thick henna mixture with my application brush and my gloved hands
  8. Covered my head with a couple processing caps
  9. Wrapped my hair in a black towel
  10. Let henna sit for the time specified in the instructions

It is important to follow the instructions on the henna package. Be sure NOT to wash or condition your hair with an oily system and do not use an oily leave-in conditioner.

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