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Cure Yeast Infections with Yogurt

Vaginal yeast infections are common in all women, while being super-duper-extra common in others. Women with delicate pH balances can find themselves getting yeast infections several times a year, and being more prone to this itchy nuisance during hot, sticky summers. This is a time of the year women find themselves in chlorine filled pools, which can trigger yeast infections, as can sweat and wetness in the region and tight clothing. Other causes of yeast infections include:

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The Ultimate Guide to Meal Prepping

This past weekend, I dedicated myself to meal prepping –– not just cooking and eating left overs, but thoughtful, concentrated, and organized meal prepping. After about a month of taking spin classes, I’ve realized that my appetite has exponentially increased, and when there is no healthy food already cooked, I tend to eat junk or empty calories.

With 24” thighs and at 150 pounds, there is no way I can afford to gain even one more pound. So, my goal with meal prepping is to cut down on meat and starchy carbs, and to prepare healthy sweet and salty snacks for my frequent snack attacks. I need to have plenty of food at hand, and a variety, as well.

So, I devised a plan, followed it through, and this is how it turned out…

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The Benefits of Indoor Cycling

As April came to a close, and May waited just over the horizon, I itched for a new beginning. The last week of every month has been deemed as my Mental Health Week, and it is during his week that I pay very close attention to how I’m feeling –– and I mean really feeling. Too often, we walk around the world acting as if we are fine, when in fact, there is a mountain of shit piled upon our shoulders, and all we want to do is break down.

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