Your Weekend Gut Reset

Bloat is the worst, and I get it more than ever. I hate it. I have changed my diet, time-and-time again, but the bloat continues. I have incorporated more fermented foods and drinks, like kombucha, which help for a few days. But, several weeks ago, I did something that reset my gut completely. In just one weekend, these several steps got rid of the bloat, flattened my tummy, and made a huge difference in how I feel, daily. Here's what I did:


Green Juice for Breakfast:

Friday through Sunday, instead of eating a full meal, I drank a green juice for breakfast, before going on my daily 2 mile hike. The juice gives me plenty of energy and keeps me light on my feet for my exercise. Sometimes, I'd stop by my local Robek's, but mostly, I stopped by the grocery store for a Suja.


Salad for Lunch:

Each day, I visited the organic salad bar at my local grocery store, and made a large spinach and kale salad with lots of toppings. I made sure to add beets to help with my iron, as well as snap peas, cauliflower, chickpeas, cucumbers, mushrooms, and such. What I did not add, however, was animal proteins. I saved that for dinner.


Salmon for Dinner:

Each night, I had a salmon steak for dinner, along with a vegetable and a starch. Each night, I alternated between Brussels sprouts, squash, and broccolini, as well as brown rice, Israeli couscous, and pasta.


By the end of the weekend, the bloat was gone, and my stomach was flat. The daily green juice and salad served as a digestive  and a laxative, as well as a viable source of energy. Ending the day with a full meal felt satisfying and held me over through the night. I stayed away from bread, and limited my dinner starch to about one cup. I ate normally throughout Monday through Thursday before starting this regimen, again.

Try this intermittent diet every weekend as a way to reset your gut, lessen bloat, and flatten your tummy. If you aren't a meat-eater, substitute the fish with eggplant, portobello, or any other substitute you enjoy.