What It Means To Be A Gorgeous Girl

The Gorgeous Girl's Guide has changed quite a bit over the last several years, and we are looking forward to even more editing and helpful changes as we grow. But there are certain things that will never change around here, and those are a list of virtues by which we live our most gorgeous and best lives. I welcome all our new members and welcome back members who have been following the birth and growth of The Gorgeous Girl's Guide over the years. And, for those who are just getting acquainted, or those who need to be refreshed, here are a few virtues we Gorgeous Girls live by.


We Get Eight Hours Sleep:

The first rule of having a healthy, productive day is having a peaceful, restful night. Gorgeous Girls do whatever it takes to get a full 8 hours of deep sleep. To help us out, we incorporate sleep inducing teas (Sleepytime, Get Some Zzzz's), and herbal sleep aids (Deep Sleep by Herbs, Etc.). We also create personal sanctuaries, calming bedrooms that help us relax and rest, as well as a winding down ritual –– calming our homes and our minds about two hours before bed by taking hot showers, listening to soothing meditations, and drinking our tea about 30 minutes before bed.

We Drink Lots of Water:

Every living thing needs water to survive, and we need it to also stay healthy and gorgeous. So, we make sure to drink plenty of water, about 2 to 3 liters within 24 hours. Electrolyte water tends to go down easier, and the body is able to use most of the water to refresh and repair itself, before getting rid of the excess.

We Cook and Eat Mostly Clean:

If you want clear skin, healthy hair, and a body that will not betray you, you absolutely, positively have to prepare your own food more often than not, and do your very best to eat clean, organic foods. What you don't have to do is be perfect, but you do have to be present. Show up for yourself! Our Starting from Scratch Tutorial will help you get started, as well as my personal Master Shopping List.

We Don't Stress Ourselves Out:

The first rule to reducing stress levels is acceptance. Things are the way they are. Things happen, and then, they un-happen. Life is ever-changing and there's no reason get upset about it. What you need to be able to do is cope, make a plan, see it through, and do what you can to get shit done. Then, leave the rest to God. The G3 Method is here to help you with self-care solutions, to stay focused and stress-free.

We Eliminate Chemicals Where We Can:

You will never have healthy skin, hair, or a healthy body as long as you continue to lather yourself in chemicals all day, everyday. Chances are, if you haven't purposefully exchanged all your toxic products with non-toxic ones, your body is drowning in poison! Your skin (including your face and scalp) absorbs 65% of everything it touches. Think about what that means for your other organs! So, every member is switching their poisonous products for healthier brands, many of which can be found on The G3 Method printouts.

We Rely on Simplicity and Nature to Keep Us Gorgeous:

The biggest mistake most women make on their quest to remaining young and gorgeous, is doing too much with too many products. I can guarantee you that you don 't need 99% of the products you're using for your hair, face, and body. As the saying goes, "Keep it simple, stupid!" The Gorgeous Girl's Guide shows you how to save money by purchasing less products. You will find video of our preferred simplified methods in our Video Guides section.