To Do: See Your Gynecologist


This month, we are working on renewing all aspects of our lives, and there’s no better place to start than our vaginas. If you have been a member over the years, you know how strongly I feel about never putting random objects in our vaginas. The vagina cleans itself, therefore, it doesn’t need a steam, yoni eggs, douches, or anything else. Throw a few tampons or a menstrual cup in there once a month, maybe a penis, if you’re into that sort of thing, but that should be about it. And then, see your gynecologist once or twice a year –– personally, I’m a fan of seeing my doctor every 6 months.

This morning, as this blog posts went live, I am preparing to see my gynecologist for my usual spring check-up. So, I thought I’d give you a few ideas of what to ask your gynecologist when you see him or her. And speaking of which, if you haven’t seen your GYNO in 6 months or more, make an appointment today.

Questions You Should Ask Your Gynecologist

  1. Why am I having such a hard time losing weight?

  2. There is cancer in my family? should I have genetic testing?

  3. Is my discharge normal?

  4. I am (not) considering pregnancy. What can I do to prepare or avoid?

  5. How do I perform a proper breast exam?

  6. Why is sex sometimes (always) painful?

  7. Do I need kegel exercises?

  8. Why are my periods so heavy?

  9. When should I have a mammogram?

  10. How often should I be tested for STD’s?

How This Helps

Part of allowing peace to find us this month, and all months, is eliminating all the things that might worry, concern, or preoccupy us. So, for that reason, we will be taking care of all the “little” things we tend to overlook time-and-time, again. These little things are the ones that turn into big (sometimes, costly) tasks if we ignore or put them off too long –– a physical exam and gynecological check-up is definitely one of those things. Schedule your appointment, now!