Things to Try: Ritual Vitamins


For the past many months, I have been eyeing Ritual Vitamins. I first discovered them on Instagram, and was instantly drawn to their unique see-through, multi-textured design and subscription model. So, naturally, I went to their website to do more research, and then, checked out their customer reviews. Now, here I am, months later, with my very first bottle of Ritual's prenatal vitamins, and I'm pretty excited about it!

So far, I have noticed that Ritual vitamins are easy to swallow, which is super duper extra important to me. Most prenatal vitamins are large and hard, and these prenatals are just the opposite. Each bottle comes with a freshness insert, a "plastic" piece with a very pleasant, natural lemon scent, which also lightly flavors the capsules. In their daily vitamin, there is a mint freshness insert. The bottle has 60 capsules, and it is recommended to swallow 2 per day. I take mine at night, just before bed, to give the vitamins a chance to do their best work while my body is resting and repairing from the day.

I am just a few days into my first month with Ritual, so it'll be a while before I can give you an honest review, but now would be a great time for you to do a little research and maybe try them with me (while saving 5 dollars on your first order)! 

Wish me luck!

Elisabeth Ovesen