The Many Benefits of Ginger Root

Every home should have and keep ginger root in its fridge, and everyone should use ginger on a regular basis, as its handy in solving a number of issues. As we all prepare for the new year during our 8th Annual Fourth Quarter (Q4) Clean-Up, let's be mindful of our digestive system and all the ways ginger can help keep our insides running smoothly.


Ginger and Digestion:

Ginger contains zingxban, one of the most powerful protein-digesting enzymes known to man. This is what makes ginger so effective at helping you digest your food, which instantly helps with gas and bloating!

Many of you may have already tried my Famous Pineapple Ginger Cleanse, which can give you amazing results in just 24 hours, as it breaks down the food in your stomach and sends it on its way. With just one day, many have experienced less gas and flattened tummies. Pineapple is also a strong and natural digestive, as well. So, coupling it with fresh ginger root makes for a powerful cleansing concoction that is tried and true throughout generations. 

If you like my Famous Ginger Pineapple Cleanse, give my Homemade Ginger Ale a try!

Elisabeth Ovesen