The Best Way to Use Smooth Move Tea


One of my body focuses is my gut, including my digestion, or lack there of. I have added several supplements to my diet that have really helped my stomach digest food faster and easier, leaving me with alot less gas and bloat. This also helped me become and stay more regular, which naturally helps keep my tummy flat. Adding regular exercise also helps’ s moving the body really gets the bowels moving, as well.

But, once in a while, I need a little more help.

In the pst couple weeks, I have eaten way too many hamburgers, chased them with loaded (alcoholic) lemonades, and managed to polish off 2 baks of kettle corn all by myself. I don’t know WTF is going on! It was like a tidal wave of cravings that couldn’t be stopped! Now, I have no taste for meat, alcohol, or snacks.

I wore my cravings out!

What was left, however, was bloat and constipation, and more than the green superfood powder and collagen peptides in my Morning Milk could handle. So, I made some dietary changes and added Smooth Move laxative tea. Here’s how I get it to work best for me:


  • Drink warm lemon water upon waking

  • Drink Morning Milk with 2 scoops of greens (instead of 1)

  • Continue drinking lemon water throughout the morning (about 1 liter)


  • Eat a salad for lunch (I’m addicted to Mendocino Farms’ Impossible Taco Salad. It’s very filling)

  • Continue drinking lemon water through the afternoon (another liter)


  • Skip dinner for intermittent fasting (going to bed before 9pm helps with this)

  • Continue drinking lemon water until throughout the night (another liter)

  • Drink Smooth Move teas just before bed (instead of bedtime tea) after 15 minutes of steeping

In between all of this, I added beet juice before my walks (this helps with my anemia and blood sugar), and lemon-ginger and cayenne kombucha to my days, as a way to get nutrients without eating much, and to kick start my digestion during this process.

My goals here are:

  1. Empty the contents of my bowels by using Smooth Move, as well as my usual Morning Milk with extra greens

  2. Limit the contents of my stomach by using salads, juices, and smoothies for nutrients

I recommend doing all of this on your days off, for instance, Friday morning through Sunday evening. Good luck!