The Benefits of Eating Cleaner and Eating Less

The Eighty Percent:

Fitness experts say that diet is 80% of what it takes to be and feel fit and healthy, and I find this to be true. After Thanksgiving, I wanted be sure to drop the 4 pounds I put on that week and in the few weeks before the holiday. Cooler weather and the love of a good man tends to make me eat more, and though I love my body anywhere between 135 and 145 pounds, I want to remain closer to 135, knowing there are more holidays and more good eating ahead.

So, for the two weeks following Thanksgiving, I simply ate less––smaller portions 3 meals a day and healthy snacking in between. That snacking consisted of:

  • Living foods and nothing processed: raw nuts, fruits, vegetables, humus and smoothies. 
  • By smaller portions, I mean no more than about a pound of food––light, home cooked meals.
  • Also, I was sure to drink lots of water before and during my meals, helping my starches expand in my stomach and helping me feel fuller, sooner.
  • Regular bowel movements are also a big part of keeping your weight under control. The lower intestines can carry as much as 5 pounds of waste at any given time, if not more.

After about two weeks, I found those extra pounds gone and now, I am ready for a fattening Christmas season!