October's Snatch My Waist Promotion and Giveaway, My Fitness Journey and Major Motivation

October's Snatch My Waist Promotion and Giveaway, My Fitness Journey and Major Motivation
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Promotion ends october 31st:

The awesome people at Snatch My Waist want to help you get into shape and lose weight, just in time for our 5th Annual Fourth Quarter Clean Up, beginning October 1st.

Use promotional code KARRINE when checking out at the Snatch My Waist website, and save 20% on your purchase, as well as be entered to win one of several Snatch My Waist products from The Gorgeous Girl's Guide. It's that easy!

Now, continue on to read about my fitness journey and hopefully grab a bit of inspiration to get you stared or keep you going.

My New Commitment:

As the story goes, after a stressful first trimester dealing with pregnancy related anemia, subsequent bedrest, and the inevitable loss of a daughter we named Summer, I have been in the gym and staying active around my neighborhood in a feverish attempt to feel and look better.

My recent commitment to fitness has been a lifesaver. With my hormones, body, and hopes wrecked, staying active and getting fit has been the only thing keeping me afloat, some days. My quiet time in the gym has given me the space I need to think and the repetition of my exercises creates this sort of transcendental meditative state that takes me away from the world and out of my own head. Now, I absolutely need to move my body every single day or I feel like I'm withering away!

How Snatch My Waist Helped:

When the good people at Snatch My Waist offered to send me an outfit, I wasn't altogether surprised. I get lots of swag sent to me to review and share with my readers and followers, and I really enjoy doing so. But, what the lovely owner of SMW couldn't have known was that I was pregnant, in the midst of a terrible bout with anemia and couldn't really use the workout gear, at the time. What none of us knew was that in a few more weeks, I'd need the gear to help motivate me to get well after my loss.

I Started Slowly:

We all fall into pits. We stall. Something or someone in our lives stops us in our tracks and we find ourselves in a rut, unable to shake ourselves loose of the heavy ropes that bind us. I've been there more times than I'd like to admit and I've gotten pretty good at recovering over the years. I find that it takes me less time to find my way and get back on track. Still, after such a devastating blow, I had to start over slowly, focusing only on uphill training on the treadmill.

My first day back in the gym, I only worked out for 10 minutes. I decided on the time before going in and stuck to that. At the end, I felt accomplished.

My second day back in the gym, I only worked out for 15 minutes. As long as I did better than the day before, I was happy with my progress.

My third day back in the gym, I only worked out 20 minutes. The idea was to add 5 minutes a day until I got back to my usual time of 30 minutes on the treadmill.

By the end of the week, I was back to my usual 30 minutes of uphill training and was able to add a 15-minute focused workout using the Nike Training App. I gave myself time and space to improve and didn't push myself to do or be anything. I just wanted to feel and look better and do so at a pace that wouldn't hurt me, physically or emotionally.

Why I'm Telling You This:

I want you to be healthy. I want you to live a long, beautiful life and know that there will always be pain, there will always be let downs and pits. You will stall from time-to-time, but you can and will restart. When I began The Gorgeous Girl's Guide, I wanted it to serve as inspiration to women who have been told their beauty is external and, therefore, have been neglecting their internal self-care.

Many of you want to look beautiful but aren't treating yourselves beautifully. You envy other women, pitting your looks against theirs, but you aren't doing all you can to look and feel your very best. You think it's a huge undertaking and that there is no time or money for health. And this is the lie society wants you to buy into, so that you can be unhealthy and sick, feeding into the insurance and prescription conglomerates that feed on people who think health is for the wealthy. If you are in a rut, start slowly and build yourself up over time. There are no rules, here. I did it and I'm still doing it and you can do, too.

I hope this promotion and pep talk helps.

New York Times bestselling author and founder of The Gorgeous Girl's Guide, Steffans Publishing Enterprises, and Karrine & Co.