Protecting My Back While Working Out

Late last year, I hurt my spine while doing deadlifts, incorrectly of course. After that, I just couldn't workout and spent the next 9 months or so being very still. For months, everything I did hurt and it wasn't until recently that I realized the pain was gone. It seems my spine self-corrected and I could start working out again, without the fear of pain.

With the help of my new Technomed Fitness Waist Snatcher, I was able to remain aware of the positioning and aligning of my back while tackling wide leg deadlifts for the first time in nearly a year. 

Here is My Technique:

  1. Wear waist brace for safety
  2. Wear exercise gloves for skin protection
  3. Stand with legs comfortably spread beyond the width of your shoulders
  4. Place weight(s) on the ground between your legs
  5. Be sure your feet are pointing straight forward
  6. Bend knees slightly
  7. Bend at waist with back straight not curved (looking at yourself, face-to-face in the mirror helps with this)
  8. Slowly lift weight off floor (2 equally weighted dumbbells or one kettle bell)
  9. Holding weight(s), stand up straight

You will find photo and video instructions of this exercise on the Nike Training Club app's Better Butt exercise.