Loving Your Body Before and After

Everyone's ideal body image is as different as our personalities, and each of our before photos will be equally as varied. I urge you, Gorgeous Girls, not to compare your body to anyone else's. Your best and only competition is yourself, therefore, your goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be your very best self.

The Before Photo:

Above is my before photo, an image taken my first day back in the gym after a 9 month hiatus (due to an injury), several months of battling severe chronic pregnancy-induced anemia, over 30 days of medical bed rest, and a depression inducing miscarriage. I'd been through alot and my body showed it. 

Still, I was the only person who knew I wasn't in shape, because people tend to believe that just because someone has a nice shape, they are in shape. Well, Gorgeous, there is a big difference between the two. My before photo is my personal physical low, though it may not be someone else's, which goes to prove that each of our standards are different and uniquely ours, as they should be.

Your Body Image:

A physical trainer would be able to take one look at my body and see how out of shape I was and really still am. But, that's a professional with an educated opinion, and that is the sort of opinion we should trust. Sometimes, when it comes to our body imagery, we shouldn't even trust ourselves, for we are sometimes harder on ourselves than even a professional would be! Adversely, many of us aren't hard enough on ourselves and allow our health and looks to fall by the wayside, letting ourselves go, making it difficult to get back to where we like ourselves best.

My point here is that no one else's opinion of you and your body matters, with the exception of a licensed professional, hired to help you get into better shape. These are opinions we should consider, for sure. And as for your personal judgment of your body imagery, only your standards truly matter. Judge yourself against your personal best and no one else's. This will help get into shape faster, better, and without the weight of harsh judgement or expectations.

Good luck, Gorgeous!