Kick a Cold's Ass Before It's Even a Cold


I never take any sort of medicine, unless there is an infection or fever. Other than that, it’s just me and nature against the world. So, naturally, when I feel myself getting a cold, I handle it with a mixture of several basic cold killers –– like ginger, cayenne, and lemons. And, of course, we all know about orange juice and the power of vitamin C, but do you know that bottled orange juice can actually keep you sicker, longer?

It’s the sugar and the processing.

Your best bet will always be fresh squeezed orange and other juices when it comes to taking care of a cold, or in general. But, let’s get back to my cold. I started feeling a scratch in my throat on Day One. The morning of Day Two, I discovered a juicer in the same shopping center where I went to get my passport photos taken. So, I went in with the intension of buying a green juice, but was instantly drawn to their ‘Ignition’ –– orange juice, ginger, cayenne, and lemon juice.

Sold, American!

I ordered a large and drank it down quickly. There wasn’t much spice, but I could still feel the effects of the cayenne and the ginger, as they cleared my sinuses. The lady making my juice asked if I wanted extra cayenne and I refused, but I wouldn’t be so foolish the next day. The morning of Day Three, I went back to the juicer and ordered 2 large Ignitions with extra ginger and cayenne.


This spicy OJ kicked my baby cold’s ass –– and emptied the contents of my intestines, so that was a plus. I drank both large juices between 8am and 2pm, and by time I went to bed at 9pm, my symptoms were gone. So, on Day Four, I went back to the juicer for 2 more and sipped on them for a couple days –– just to make sure the cold knew not to even think about coming back.

It worked.

Now, I think this will be my go-to cold slayer recipe –– fresh OJ with lemon juice, spiced with ginger and cayenne.

For More Than Colds

I’ve been talking about getting a Hurom Juicer for some time, and still haven’t. To be honest, it just hasn’t been a priority; I’ve been more concerned about the commitment to spending my Saturday’s at the Farmers Market, cleaning my veggies, and the cleanup. But, after seeing and feeling how quickly the right juice, root, and spice mixture can cure a cold before it starts, the more I think this is the time to invest in that Hurom.

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