How to Spot Vitamin Overload


I was terribly excited to receive my Ritual Vitamin order a couple weeks ago, and started taking the recommended dose immediately –– two vitamins every night before bed. For the first week, I didn’t feel a difference, but then, at the start of the second week, I felt something.


Just before I ordered my first bottle, I combed Ritual’s Instagram comments to see what people were saying. One woman mentioned that since taking the vitamins, she’d become very tired, and I figured she must have poor diet and exercise habits. It couldn’t possibly be related to the vitamins! But, now, it was happening to me, and that couldn’t be a coincidence. So, I set off on a Google search for the answer, and sure enough, vitamins can make you tired!

Well, actually, too many vitamins can make you tired.

Vitamin overdosing is a very real thing, and the number one sign is exhaustion. Too much iron, folate, vitamin D, vitamin E, for instance, can cause this sort of fatigue. Too much vitamin C can also cause nausea, diarrhea, and stomach cramps, while too much selenium can cause hair loss and nerve damage. Vitamin toxicity creates all sorts of issues, and if you find yourself feeling tired after beginning a supplement routine, be sure to stop taking them right away. Once the fatigue has been reversed, try cutting your supplement intake in half.

After sleeping for the better part of 72 hours, the Ritual vitamins seemed to have worn off. Moving forward, I will try just one capsule instead of the recommenced two. If the fatigue returns, I will stop completely. The good news is, what this experience tells me is that I am already getting a sufficient amount of vitamins and nutrients from my diet and Morning Milk, and that’s good to know!