How to Manage an Iron Deficiency

Those of us who struggle with anemia know what it's like to feel faint throughout the day and fear passing out while exercising or even upon rising out of bed. Though we would all like to be able to ingest enough iron to sustain ourselves throughout the day, every day, this isn't always possible. Fresh pressed juices and smoothies made with leafy greens are a great way to get lots of iron, but what if that's not enough?

Iron Pills

The first thing most doctors will do is hand you a pack of little red iron pills. These pills don't seem to work for many anemic patients or work fast enough to be practical. What's more, they are guaranteed to cause constipation and who wants that? I found these to be an archaic way to deal with an anemia deficiency and it wasn't long before I also found myself looking for something better.

Iron Tonics

The first thing I thought of were the iron tonics my grandmother used to give us as children and headed to Whole Foods for the 2015 equivalent. There were just a couple tonics available and I chose the Gaia Herbsbrand based on a recommendation by a Whole Foods associate and the information on the box:

Gaia Herbs PlantForce™ Liquid Iron captures the synergy of iron, oxygen, and phosphorus through a perfect orchestration of nature that helps deliver:
  • Highly absorbable iron in a base of botanicals carefully selected and gently extracted to liberate their natural content of food-bound nutrients.
  • Sensibly chosen, plant-based ingredients that facilitate iron absorption, support red blood cell production, and provide elemental balance to the formula.*
As a result, Gaia Herbs PlantForce™ Liquid Iron awakens and energizes at the cellular level in a delicious way that's unparalleled among iron supplements.*

What's Inside:

Inside the box, the bottle comes with a convenient measuring and dispensing dosage cup. The tonic is made with organic honey and I found the taste to be pleasant. The dosage is very small at just 10ml and is to be taken orally twice a day. After opening the bottle, store it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and enjoy cool doses of the tonic, daily.

The Effects:

I really like this tonic. It tastes great, is easy to take, and works beautifully. Because it is a liquid, it travels into the bloodstream faster and because of its herbal and vitamin formula, the iron is quickly absorbed without having to drink orange juice, since vitamin C is known to help with iron absorption. I like it so much in fact, that I am sending a couple bottles to my grandmother in St. Thomas. After all, she was the one who taught me about the efficiency of tonics all those years ago. Why not share with her the advances!