The Holiday Purge of 2014

The Holiday Purge of 2014

The Gluttony:

The holidays are among us and the gluttony has begun! Yesterday was Thanksgiving and today, many of you woke up from your food commas and headed straight for the stores for a little financial gluttony!

You've fallen for the Black Friday marketing ploys, a day that promises to bring store profits into the black and your bank account into the red. After you check your bank statement, you're going to be depressed and, like most depressives, you're going to eat and you've got a metric ton of leftovers in your refrigerator for such an occasion.

Lucky you.

The Truth:

The fact of the matter is that, even if I tried to get you to have a healthy, clean eating, calorie and carb conscious holiday, chances are that will never happen, especially for those of you who aren't eating that way already. And plenty of us who do eat that way, make an exception this time of year as we gather with family and friends who may or may not share our eating habits.

So, I'm not going to tell you to ditch the remainder of your holiday plans and menus. What I am going to tell you is to practice a bit of restraint and apply a few tips that may help you retain your current waistline throughout the holiday season and into the New Year.

The 2 Most Important Posts:

Here are a couple posts you may find helpful over the next couple months.

Karrine's Famous Pineapple Ginger Cleanse:

This is one of my readers' all-time favorite posts. I have heard back from many who have credited this cleanse with helping them lose weight and even lower their blood pressure. This is not like a regular juice cleanse, however. You're not going to live on this juice for a week. Enjoy a glass after each meal and especially right before bed to help breakdown the food that usually sits in your intestines for weeks and even months at a time. Click the title to go there now.

Karrine's Daily Fitness and Diet Routine:

In this post, you will find my quick and easy 45-minute workout routine, along with my simple daily diet. It is important to me that my readers are not intimidated by my lifestyle and routines. None of it is difficult and all of it is easily adapted and remembered. Living by this routine everyday between holiday feasts will help you burn the calories you're taking in during the season and help activate your metabolism so you can continue to burn calories into the new year. Click the title to go there now.

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