Elisabeth's Master Grocery Shopping List


Grocery shopping can be an adventure.  At least once a month, I try to introduce a new dish to my family, and that means buying a second set of groceries we wouldn't usually purchase. But all other times, I start the month off with common groceries that I keep on a master list in my wallet. With this list, we can make out go-to recipes and always have the basics in stock, many of which can also be used in new recipes.

Shopping List:

I find myself at the grocery store several times a week, gathering ingredients for last minute ideas and changes to existing recipes, but having this master list in my wallet helps me in a pinch, when there isn't much time, and in between new and different dishes.

Many of the items I can grab at my local Trader Joe's, and others I get from our local chain, as I prefer brands that TJ's does not carry. When in a rush, I don't bother with a shopping cart, and instead, use my reusable shopping bags to gather my groceries from the shelves. This allows me to move through the crowd faster, and be sure that I'm not buying more than I can carry into the house.

When I have a special dinner in mind, I check my recipe and add extra ingredients to my shopping list, but not until I am ready to make the dish. This way, these items don't go to waste, waiting all week for me to make this particular meal. Since I work from home, this works best for me. For those of you working outside the home, or with very busy schedules, meal-prepping may work best. 

Easy Food Prep Tips:

  1. Cook and pre-package this week's lunches on your day(s) off

  2. Season and refrigerate this week's dinner meats or meat substitutes for cooking

  3. Cook and refrigerate this week's dinner starches for reheating

  4. Clean, prepare, and refrigerate this week's dinner vegetables for cooking

Preparing the week's lunches on your day(s) off will save you money and time. Many of our members are having anywhere from $60 to $100 each week by making this simple change.

Preparing your dinner meats (or meat substitutes) and vegetables, and then storing them in the fridge, will save you lots of time when you get home from work. And, with your starches already prepared, all you have to do is reheat them in the oven, microwave (I'm trying to stop this nasty habit), or toaster oven.

Your grocery shopping and meal preps can all be done on your day(s) off, which is also the perfect day to do laundry, clean up around the house, listen to music, catch up on your favorite shows and books, and so on. Enjoy this time! These are all grinding rituals that will help you obtain and retain your peace.