Clean Your Phone, Now!

It is said that, on average, we check our phones about 47 times a day. On top of that, most of us almost always take our phones into the bathroom with us! What does all of this mean? Well, studies show that the average phone carries more than 10 times the bacteria as most toilet seats. EeeeeeeYUCK!


Oh, I'm not done grossing you out. A group of British researchers found that 1 in 6 phones are contained with dreaded E. Coli.


So, start disinfecting your phone ASAP. My recommendation is straight rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab. Wipe that sucker down atleast once a week, and help keep those germs away from your ears, nose, mouth, and eyes. And while you're at it, hit up your computer's keyboard, as well as your tablet. Hell...go nuts. Start wiping down your doorknobs and everything you touch on regular basis.

Keep yourself safe, Gorgeous!