Change Your Body in Two Weeks with This Workout Plan

One of the most popular excuses for not working out is time restrictions. Most people think honestly think there aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done and manage to exercise. And in this case, most people would be wrong. Workouts can be as quick as you need them to be, even as short as 20 minutes! For me, however, I enjoy a 45-minute workout each day and  have found that it brings me physical and mental results that are hard to beat.


30 Minute Uphill Training:

For the first 30 minutes in the gym, I'm on the treadmill, using these settings:

  • 2.5 miles per hour
  • 8.0 incline

To make the time go by faster, I like to use my table or phone to catch up on my shows. I cover the screen of the treadmill with my towel so that I can't see the time lapsing, and focus on what I'm watching. When things get too tough, I try to breath through it, which usually works. Sometimes, I take a few seconds to rest by jumping onto the side siderails.


Nike Training Club:

I came across this app years ago and I haven't needed another workout app, since. The Nike Training Club app has improved lots over that time, and I can guarantee there is something on there for you.

After my 30-minute uphill training, I chose a 15-minute focused workout. This means, I choose a workout that is focused on juts one part of my body, like my core or my butt. There is a section for short workouts, there are yoga workouts, workouts for runners, for toning, slimming, tightening, toning, and so much more.

There are how-to videos to help you be sure you're doing the exercises properly, and an encouraging female voice that tells you what to do and motivates you to keep going. And all excercises are based on time, and not reps –– so you can do as many as you can in the time given.


Every once in a while, once I have aced my uphill training, I substitute with the stair-stepper and the stationary bike for those first 30 minutes.