6-Step Alcohol Detox


I don’t have a drinking problem, but I often have a problem when I’m drinking. Ha! But seriously, though, I don’t know when to stop. So, for the past several years, I stopped buying alcohol for the house. When entertaining, guests might bring a bottle of something, and that’s perfectly okay. But once they’ve left, I’d usually throw out the remains, or ask that they take any alcoholic leftovers home with them, and place it in the truck of their car for safe and legal transport.

This might seem like a lot to go through, but I learned years ago that I am a glutinous consumer, and whether it’s food or alcohol, I have a “thing” about finishing it all. So, I have to watch my food portions and keep alcohol beverages out of the house.

And, now, I am sad to report that I have been breaking the alcohol rule, and have been drinking more of my share of wine, liquor, and beer –– at home and at my local bar. Last night, I drank until I was sick. Today, I begin my detox.

step 1: throw out all the alcohol

Sick to my stomach from mixing red wine and beer, I woke up before dawn and started tossing out all the leftover booze. Just the sight of alcohol makes me queazy!

Step 2: Clear Your Schedule

Technically, this is my week off, for mental health maintenance. My only plans involve working from bed, updating the website, our member packet, and the Million-Dollar Membership Course. Still, any ideas I may have gotten about running errands or meeting up with friends, will have to wait. My focus has to be on detoxing, resting, and my nutritional intake. I plan to stay in bed for atleast 24 hours.

Step 3: Get Support

Naturally, I put my husband and son on alert, letting them know I’d been overdoing it with the alcohol over the past several months, and I’d be detoxing this week. The husband wasn’t surprised.

Step 4: Focus on Hydration

Next, I hobbled to the store for supplies: coconut water, electrolyte water, vegetable/fruit juices, and a cleansing juice with cayenne, lemon, and ginger. The coconut water was the first one down the hatch. I drank a 1.5 liter bottle in about 3 hours, while battling nausea and dizziness. Throughout the rest of the day, I’ll guzzle electrolyte water.

Step 5: Continue with a nutritious and balanced diet

As lunch time approached, I settled my stomach with buttered pasta, and then, made plans to have my favorite Impossible Taco Salad delivered, hoping the flavor wouldn’t be too much for my tender stomach. After lunch, a beet juice from Suja would help round out my need for added nutrients. Just before bed, the cleansing juice will help clear my intestinal waste the next morning. The name of the game is getting good things in, and bad stuff out!

Step 6: Take Your Vitamins

Just before bed, I’ll pop a Ritual Vitamin (click the link for $5 off), and let it go to work while my body continues to detox and realign.