4 Tips for Vaginal Balance

Just like your gut, the vagina contains good bacteria that help keep you healthy, as well as bad bacteria that can cause issues such as yeast infections and bacteria vaginosis. And just like your gut, certain factors can cause your vaginal microbes  to fall out of balance, increasing your risk of infection an irritation. Unfortunately, many women don't understand their bodies, how they work, and the signs that something is wrong. Below, you will find four tips that ca help you stay balanced.


Never Douche or Steam

According to an article in Shape Magazine, most women understand that douching is bad for vaginal health and pH balance, but the trendy practice of vaginal steaming has been getting alot of attention lately, with claims that it can please the uterus and rebalance hormone level. 

Ladies, this is bullshit.

The fact of the matter, according to doctors, including the doctors cited in this article, douching and steam strips the vagina of the good bacteria it needs to stay and remain healthy.

Add Probiotics to Your Diet

It is recommended that you choose a probiotic that contains lactobacillus, found in many dairy yogurts, as well as  probiotic supplements. These additional probiotics will increase healthy vaginal levels, preventing and even curing yeast infections.

Change After Workouts

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many women leave the gym in their sweaty workout clothes and run a few errands before finally getting home and hitting the showers, and this is always bad idea. The warm moistness created from working out is the perfect environment for the growth and overgrowth of yeast. So, be sure to change out of your wet workout clothes as soon as you're done working out.

Beware of Lubricants

Generally, when it comes to lubricants, be sure to avoid anything containing glycerin. Glycerin breaks down into sugars, which encourages bacteria or yeast overgrowth. And, as always, never use petroleum jelly –– women who do are 2 times more likely to get bacteria vaginosis.