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Review: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

hairKarrine Steffans
Review: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

So, as the story goes, my little sister told me about this “amazing" deep conditioner that I just had to try.

She raved about it.

She went on and on and bugged me for about three days.

"Did you try it yet?"


"How about now?"

"Still no."

"Today? Did you try it today?"

"Damn it! No!"

So, finally, I tried this conditioner: Macadamia Natural Oil. Now, before I go any further, I am an avid ABBA hair care user and fanatic. I have written about this product line several times and have praised it for its use of botanicals and for its omission of harmful chemicals and animal bi-products.

Now, my sister wants me to use this miraculous conditioner that’s, supposedly, going to change my life.

So, I washed my hair with my usual ABBA Moisturizing Shampoo and rewashed it a couple more times to be sure my hair was squeaky clean. Okay, then, I added the Macadamia to my damp tresses. I combed the conditioner through, covered it with a conditioning cap, wrapped my head in a towel, and waited.

Thirty minutes later…

I rinsed.

I air dried.

I blow dried.

I noticed nothing spectacular.

In reading the list of ingredients, during my thirty minute wait, I found this product to be almost completely made of things difficult to pronounce. Chemical after chemical after chemical with a couple drops of oils.

My thought is that, instead of really treating your hair, this product will coat it, making it is appear shinier and feel silkier, but not necessarily healthier.

I am not impressed.

I am not easlity swayed.

I am not dazzled by wizardry. 

For me, a little warm, organic olive or coconut oil does a fine job at conditioning my hair. Even homemade mayo does an awesome job.

But this…

This is crap and I’m glad I only bought the one-ounce pouch for $3.99. I refuse to put these chemicals in my hair again, much less every week. I’m sticking to my ABBA.

You see, this is why I am the big sister. 

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