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Giving Your Hair a Break

haircareKarrine Steffans
Giving Your Hair a Break

Most women of any ethic background tend to have a habit of doing too much to their hair. Many women are under the impression that hairstyles need to be elaborate; they overuse heat-styling, coloring, and styling products that coat, weigh down, or dry out their hair. But too much styling creates breakage and hair loss; the best thing to do for your hair is to simply leave it alone. This is an easy concept for me as an island girl living in California. St. Thomas and Los Angeles are both very laid-back places to live with very few everyday fashion and beauty rules. Less is more, here.

The Perks of Being a Tomboy:

One of the perks to never being an ultra-feminine woman is never caring much about my hair. I never learned how to do too much to it because I never cared to. I like to wear my hair straight, in a ponytail or in a bun. That's the extent of my styling knowledge and I am so grateful for that!

Appreciate Your Hair's Natural Beauty:

In some regions of the country, having your hair "done" means something very different. Women feel they need to have helmet-like coifs in order to be considered well put together. From the outside looking in, it all seems pretty unnatural and ridiculous. There is nothing more beautiful than clean, weightless hair, carelessly blowing in the wind.

Take a Break:

So, why don't you take a break? Whenever you have a few days off, and you really don't have to see anyone you care about, wash your hair and, either, lightly blow-dry it or let it air dry with a healthy amount of oil applied. Keep it in a loose bun, pony, or any protective style and just leave it alone. Also, be sure to wrap it at night to prevent breakage and additional stress. Add a little bit more oil everyday.

I suggest you do this as often as possible. I like to do this one week out of each month but I can understand, depending on the texture of your hair, if you may only be comfortable taking a styling break only on the weekends. If that's the case, oil your hair Friday after work and place it in a no-fuss protective style.  Add a little more oil Saturday, then wash and style on Sunday. This way, you're not washing your hair twice in one weekend.

I'm taking a styling break this for the last week of 2014 and maybe the first week of 2015. The photo above is of my hair while on my styling break. It has been washed and blowdried with a healthy amount of oil applied to my scalp and hair. Try using coconut oil or even olive oil. Most any oil is okay as long as it is 100% oil; organic oil is an added plus! Currently, I am testing an oil that is amazing for skin and hair, promoting growth. Details to come.


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