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FQCU: Clean Up Your Curls and Kinks with BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium

hairKarrine Steffans
FQCU: Clean Up Your Curls and Kinks with BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium

Here’s another pamper post!

I have very thick, wavy hair. My hair used to be think and curly, but years of heat training have softened the curls, which I am very happy about.

Usually, I wash, condition, and press my hair myself. Over the years, I have raved about the ABBA haircare system. It’s packed with botanicals, is vegan, DEA free and the Moisturizing system does wonders for my natural hair.

Anyway, my hairstylist, Kacey, at Trust Salon in West Hollywood, presses my hair during the times I feel like being pampered and getting a really hard press. Those regular flat irons just cannot do what a more expensive, professional iron can! And, from what I have learned, the power isn’t just in the temperature of the iron but in the type of plates the iron uses. But, what kind of plate and temperature combo is best for my stubborn, thick hair?

Kacey’s iron straightens my hair like nobody’s business and I just always assumed it was some $600 pure ceramic iron that I just wouldn’t bother splurging on so, I never bothered to even look at the brand…

…until a couple days ago.

While I was using her iron to put a few finishing touches on my hair, I took a look at the brand, then, when I got home, I looked it up online and…




…I found this heated wonder stick that makes my hair so straight and shiny and it’s being sold online for under $100!

It’s the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium.

Buy this little bit of titanium magic and never have to go to the salon for super straight hair again!

This Fourth Quarter Clean Up (#FQCU) we are focused on all sorts of ways we can improve the quality of our lives, including feeling and looking good and saving money! This post honors both.

Glad I could help. I know alot of you have been looking for an iron like this, just as I have.


[UPDATE] I have been told you can, sometimes, find these as TJ Maxx for about $24.99!!! It’s worth a try so look there first!

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