Make Over Month: 21-Day Healthy Hair Challenge

Make Over Month: 21-Day Healthy Hair Challenge


Let me preface this entire post by stating the obvious: Everyone's hair is different. We may all have tricks and routines that work for our hair but may not work for another. But what I know for sure is that, whether talking about hair, skin, or nails, natural and organic is always going to be best––and this is what our 21-Day Healthy Hair Challenge is all about!

The Simpler, The Better:

For the next three weeks, you are going to do little to nothing to your hair, other than wash it. For many of you, that probably sounds terrifying but let me explain. Women, especially those with textured hair, tend to do too much during their beauty routines, thinking that more is more. More often than not, the more you do, the worst things get. One of the keys to beauty and health is simplicity. Take the least amount of steps to receive the most and the best results!

Start from the Inside:

Most people are so busy trying to fix their hair from the outside and fail to realize that everything about your appearance begins on the inside!

  1. Water: Like all things on God's green earth, your hair needs water to grow. At The G3, we recommend at least 2 liters of water each day. This is a great start to healthier hair, nails, and skin. We recommend electrolyte, alkaline, and/or lemon water.
  2. Vitamins and Nutrients: When people hear the word vitamins, they instantly think about pills in a jar but these should not be your first line of nutrition! Get your vitamins and nutrients from the foods you eat, first! Healthy, living food is medicine, it cures and heals the body, it promotes cell growth and rejuvenation and, like water, feeds your hair nails and skin. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a must for healthy hair but, it's understandable that most of us aren't able to eat enough of them to be effective. Therefore, I recommend adding at least one large, freshly pressed, green veggie and fruit juice to your diet, daily. I love drinking one in the morning, instead of eating. Then, incorporate a healthy spinach salad into your lunch and dinner, and take a whole food multi-vitamin at night, before bed.

Better Products, Better Hair:

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times––stop buying your beauty products from department, drug, and regular grocery stores! Most everything in there is tainted with chemicals that may seem to help you in the moment, but wreak longterm havoc on your beauty and your health. It's time for you to start seeking out organic, clean, non-toxic products with proven results and a bevy of benefits.

As it pertains to your tresses, I recommend Acure Organics' moisturizing and clarifying systems. There are lots of other organic options, though. So, feel free to do a little research and try other brands until you find the one that is right for you!

Less Fuss:

  1. While washing and conditioning your hair, don't comb or brush through it, as is often directed. When your hair is soaking wet and heavy, it is most vulnerable. This is the perfect time for stretching and breaking.
  2. After washing and conditioning, wrap your hair in a towel and squeeze out the excess moisture before spraying a leave-in conditioner, working it through with your fingers. 
  3. Wrap your hair again, until the hair is no longer very wet but just a little damp. This is the best time to blow dry, since it will take less heat to dry the hair completely.
  4. When it's time to dry, grab your blowdryer and a paddle brush. I do not recommend blowdryers with combs attached since they limit the amount of space you have between the hot air and your hair. Section by section, begin brushing your hair from the ends, while holding your blowdryer a safe distance away from your hair. Remember, if it's too hot for your skin, it's too hot for your hair. Brush and dry your way to the scalp, being careful not to overly dry your hair. Since your hair is damp, it won't take long to dry.
  5. If you wish, add a few drops of avocado oil before or after blowdrying. Be sure to nourish your scalp as well, but be careful not to weigh the hair down with too much oil. Three to five drops will suffice. If you are using the recommended shampoos and conditioners, especially the moisturizing system, you won't have to add much oil, if any.
  6. Now, style your hair as you wish. Sometimes, I wear my hair natural without pressing it. I like to make Bantu Knots to give my natural hair waves and added texture. I also like to oil my hair a lot when wearing it natural. It's my time to feed my tresses and let my hair rest and repair. Sometimes, I press my hair and keep it wrapped at night while I sleep, for protection. When doing so, I use the BabyLiss Pro Nano Titanium iron. You have to be careful not to overly heat the hair.
    1. So, start on the lowest setting, using the iron lightly around the edge of your hair, moving inward.
    2. Increase the heat as you get toward the crown or coarsest section of your hair. 
    3. If an area is already heat trained, use less heat on that section. For instance, I use higher heat near the scalp, pressing only the first inch of my hair at about 425º. Then, I lower my iron to 300º and press the rest, very quickly, using my paddle brush as a guide, below the iron, to keep the hair straight and organized during the press.
    4. After pressing, I wrap my hair and let it rest and conform to the natural shape of my head, giving it a perfect, framing curve.

In Conclusion:

I like to keep my regimen very light and easy. I don't use any styling products but everyone's hair and hair related issues are different. The point of this post and of the next 21 days is to give your hair the organic treatment, to feed your hair from the inside out, and to style just a little bit less. I hope these tips work for you, as they have for me, and be sure to check out the rest of the Haircare blog for additional tips.


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