Jocelyn Garrity

The Sweater You Need to Own

Jocelyn Garrity
The Sweater You Need to Own

Happy 2017 Gorgeous Girls! It is so exciting to be back on the blog. I have missed sharing my style and style tips with you all. While we have been on break, I have been preparing more posts for you. Don't you worry! I thought I'd surprise you all & wear a little bit of color this time around. The weather is chilly in NYC, so being cozy is the only way to go. 

I have honestly been living in this gray sweater from H&M.  It has gone on sale, and I highly recommend you grab one. Whether you live in LA, NYC, or somewhere in between, it is a great piece for all types of weather. I have also been living in this corner of my apartment. Bedstuy has been good to your girl. 

This super affordable blue beanie is my new go-to. It is the only way I really add color to my wardrobe. 

Exciting News!

I am launching a blog for my company, The On Call Stylist. I am obsessed with what I do! If I could FaceTime women all day and help them utilize all the clothes in their closets, I would in a heartbeat. Check out the blog and check out what I do! 

A Recent Client:

I did a makeover this week with this beauty from Tampa. She never realized she had enough olive clothing to do a monochromatic look. In one hour, we went through her entire closet, made five outfits with pieces she didn't know how to style, and came up with a list of the items she needs to purchase –– all for $60! 




I am a stylist. I have worked in the industry since I was 18, starting as a wardrobe intern on The Ellen Show. I was paid in sneakers. Since then, I have worked with all of your favorite celebrities. And as exciting as that is, it isn’t ever as fulfilling as helping my friends get dressed for a date or special occasion. 

To me, style = confidence. If you feel like you look incredible and sexy, that will shine through. If you feel frumpy, that’ll show as well. 

I started my company, The On Call Stylist, because I want everyone to have the luxury of a personal stylist. For just $20, Facetime me from your closet and I will help you use what you already own to get dressed. You can then walk into any meeting/date/interview/regular day, the most confident version of yourself!