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Current Trends Worth Trying

fashionJocelyn Garrity
Current Trends Worth Trying

I have never been the type of girl who couldn't wait for the new edition of Vogue to come out. To be honest, runway and all of that used to really confuse me. Instead, I have always gravitated towards finding clothes that fit my personality and body type.

Don't get me wrong - I love adding current styles into my already existing wardrobe. When the choker trend first started, I hated it. Since I bought my first one a day hasn't gone by I haven't worn it. Because I am very busty I feel that a choker breaks up how wide my chest it. 

Trendy Styles Under $60 Worth Trying This Summer:

1 & 2. The Choker: I really enjoy a thick lace choker. Even a plain tshirt + jeans + sneakers outfit is instantly upgraded with a choker. 

3. Lace Up Shirts: I have a lace up bodysuit from Toyshop that I love. They are very sexy & flattering. The bodysuit is more for nighttime, with a skirt or high waisted jeans + heels. 

4. Off the Shoulder Tops: It is such an adorable style, and so summery. Just make sure you have an awesome strapless bra! 

5. Lace Overlay Skirts: As I write this, I am wearing a black lace overlay skirt with a plain white tee + Adidas. They are a really great option to dressing up a very regular outfit, or pair them with a sexy top and heels for a night out with your girls! 

When buying trendy pieces, I always go for the more affordable options. Invest in your essentials & go to Forever 21 for the items that will be history in a few months. 

Ever need help incorporating these trends into your own style? Check out my company - - for $20 I will Facetime/Skype you in your own closet, and help you look amazing with your own clothes! 

What styles are you loving this summer?



The On Call Stylist

I am a stylist. I have worked in the industry since I was 18, starting as a wardrobe intern on The Ellen Show. I was paid in sneakers. Since then, I have worked with all of your favorite celebrities. And as exciting as that is, it isn’t ever as fulfilling as helping my friends get dressed for a date or special occasion. 

To me, style = confidence. If you feel like you look incredible and sexy, that will shine through. If you feel frumpy, that’ll show as well. 

I started my company, The On Call Stylist, because I want everyone to have the luxury of a personal stylist. For just $20, Facetime me from your closet and I will help you use what you already own to get dressed. You can then walk into any meeting/date/interview/regular day, the most confident version of yourself!