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Make a statement

fashionJocelyn Garrity
Make a statement

Ever see someone in a really cool outfit and wish you could dress like them? 

Here is the secret behind most of those outfits - 75% of what they are wearing is completely normal clothing. 25% are statement pieces - the few additions to the look that take them from regular to stylish. Read my last post - The Winning Combo - to get a better idea of what I am talking about.

Check below to see a handful of my personal favorite statement pieces: 

I chose these pieces because I feel that no matter what I am wearing, any of these items will take my outfit to the next level. I am obsessed with lace, jackets and chokers. I love a good hat, especially because my hair is not always on the same page as me. I try to find pieces like these that are unique - nothing worse then seeing someone else in the same outfit as you! 

Trust me - this is where the real fun in fashion is! Learning what fashion forward styles you like and are comfortable in, and adding those pieces to your everyday look. 

Want some help shopping for a statement piece? For $20, you can text me while you are shopping and I'll help. Check out my company, The On Call Stylist. 

What is your personal favorite statement piece?



The On Call Stylist

I am a stylist. I have worked in the industry since I was 18, starting as a wardrobe intern on The Ellen Show. I was paid in sneakers. Since then, I have worked with all of your favorite celebrities. And as exciting as that is, it isn’t ever as fulfilling as helping my friends get dressed for a date or special occasion. 

To me, style = confidence. If you feel like you look incredible and sexy, that will shine through. If you feel frumpy, that’ll show as well. 

I started my company, The On Call Stylist, because I want everyone to have the luxury of a personal stylist. For just $20, Facetime me from your closet and I will help you use what you already own to get dressed. You can then walk into any meeting/date/interview/regular day, the most confident version of yourself!