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10 Must-Haves For Every Closet (6-10)

fashionJocelyn Garrity
10 Must-Haves For Every Closet (6-10)

Did you catch the first half of this post on Tuesday?If not, read it here. We are going through what every woman needs in her closet. Based on your personal style, these items will change. You might choose a black heel with studs, or a red tee instead of white. That is totally fine. But this is a great way to start building a wardrobe that will last. 

Five Items Every Woman Needs:

  1. LBD: Your go to little black dress. You MUST have one. And it must be incredibly flattering to your body type. Whatever your favorite part of your body is, find a dress that flatters it.
  2. Sunglasses: Nothing feels better than the right glasses that cover your face. Sunglasses can be so sexy. A necessary accessory.
  3. Sneakers: Personally, I live in sneakers. At this point, it seems everyone is always wearing them. Unless you are a superwoman and love wear heels everyday, you must give your feet a break & find some basic sneakers that can go with any outfit.
  4. Accessorize: Don't over accessorize. Have a few pieces that you add into your everyday look, and some that are for special occasions. I never, ever wear earrings. But I wear rings and a necklace every single day. I wear the same necklace everyday, really. You don't need a ton of options. Something as simple as a necklace makes your style more YOU. 
  5. Jumpsuits/Rompers: If you aren't currently wearing jumpsuits/rompers, you should start. They are great because with sneakers, they are stylish and cool for everyday. And with heels & accessories, they  can be worn at night. Great transition piece, and super comfortable. 

If you are missing some of these items, I'd recommend adding them in. And if you already have them but don't know how to put them together you have two options!

1. Check back next week and I will be showing looks for different occasions that can be made with these 10 pieces.

2. Check out my company - The On Call Stylist - and for $20, I will Facetime you in your closet & help you put outfits together for 20 minutes! 



The On Call Stylist

I am a stylist. I have worked in the industry since I was 18, starting as a wardrobe intern on The Ellen Show. I was paid in sneakers. Since then, I have worked with all of your favorite celebrities. And as exciting as that is, it isn’t ever as fulfilling as helping my friends get dressed for a date or special occasion. 

To me, style = confidence. If you feel like you look incredible and sexy, that will shine through. If you feel frumpy, that’ll show as well. 

I started my company, The On Call Stylist, because I want everyone to have the luxury of a personal stylist. For just $20, Facetime me from your closet and I will help you use what you already own to get dressed. You can then walk into any meeting/date/interview/regular day, the most confident version of yourself!