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10 Must-Haves For Every Closet (1-5)

fashionJocelyn Garrity
10 Must-Haves For Every Closet (1-5)

No matter what your style or body type is, there are certain items every woman needs. I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to help someone put together an outfit and they didn't have something as simple as a solid colored t-shirt. A closet full of basics will give you the most variety in your outfits. 

If you have more plain items than not, you can mix and match. If you have a closet full of polka dots, stripes & pink, you will have way less options for everyday life. 

Here are 5 of the 10 necessities every woman needs (all under $100): 

 1.  Black  |  White   2.  Tan  |  Black  3.  Black  |  Green  4.  Denim   5.  Nude  |  Black  

1. Black | White  2. Tan | Black 3. Black | Green 4. Denim  5. Nude | Black 

  1.  A Solid Black & White Tee: You have no idea how far this can take you. You can pair a solid tee with literally ANYTHING.
  2. A Good Hat: Hats add so much style to a regular outfit, plus are great when doing your hair is just not an option!
  3. The Right Jacket: Something cool that you can throw over anything, and can help dress up any look.
  4. Your Perfect Pair of Jeans: This goes with your personal style and body type. I love a darker denim, or even black. On taller people, an ankle cut is amazing. On shorter people, high waisted is ideal. 
  5. A Go-To Heel: Something fun and comfortable, of course. 

Just with these options alone, I can see so many different outfit options. The best way to dress is adding layers, based on what you are doing. Add a hat for running around, add a heel and jacket for going out. 

If you feel you have these items, but do not know how to put them together I can help! Check out my site. For $20/20 minutes, I can Facetime or Skype you in your closet, and help you put together the perfect look. 

Look out for the next 5 must haves!



The On Call Stylist 



I am a stylist. I have worked in the industry since I was 18, starting as a wardrobe intern on The Ellen Show. I was paid in sneakers. Since then, I have worked with all of your favorite celebrities. And as exciting as that is, it isn’t ever as fulfilling as helping my friends get dressed for a date or special occasion. 

To me, style = confidence. If you feel like you look incredible and sexy, that will shine through. If you feel frumpy, that’ll show as well. 

I started my company, The On Call Stylist, because I want everyone to have the luxury of a personal stylist. For just $20, Facetime me from your closet and I will help you use what you already own to get dressed. You can then walk into any meeting/date/interview/regular day, the most confident version of yourself!