Color Alert: New Spring Ideas from Urban Home

Color Alert: New Spring Ideas from Urban Home

Every single girl should incorporate a little pop of color here and there and while on a decorating trip to Urban Home, we cam across more than a few ideas!

Your Work Space:

This is a great place to add color. For those of you who work at home or tend to bring your work home, adding bright, pleasant colors can brighten the mood and help keep you alert while working. Pretty, vibrant colors do a lot for the senses and we all know sitting ay your desk can be dull. So, with a bit of color, you can change the charge in your brain and even get through your work faster!

Your Outdoor Space:

It's spring and there is no better time to add color to your outdoor space than right now! Metal bistro chairs , coated in bright spring hues are a great way to do this. And they don't all have to be the same color, either! Try using all different colored chairs at your outdoor table(s). Mix it up and make it yours!


Your Dining Space:

Your table is your table and you won't be switching it out every season, but a great way to add a bit of spring to your dining area is with rugs and table lines. A colorful, textured rug, plates and napkins all conspire to bring your dining room a brand new space with personality and pizzaz!


Your Kitchen:

This is our favorite place to add color and lots of it! It's so fun to cook in a kitchen with colorful pots and pans, whisks, and tongs. Vibrant colors may even make you want to cook more and will make it even more eventful when serving your guests. Think about the joy they will feel while using a bright blue salt and pepper grinder!

Your Living Space:

Why not add a beautifully colored and printed chair to your living room decor? Put a chair like this under a standing reading lamp in the corner, or get two and add them to your living room decor as conversational seating. There are so many possibilities with a gorgeous high-back, winged chair!


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