Create a Welcoming Bedside Table

Let's say the special person in your life has already made it to your bedroom –– your relationship has made it to that elusive "next level" and you two are now spending time cozied in bed, watching movies and doing, well, stuff. 

Super fun stuff. 

Good for you! Things seem to be going well but, let me ask you a question: where is he going to put his crap? 

What crap? 

The miscellaneous crap that he may have in his pocket or in his overnight bag –– things like his watch and wallet, his lip balm and hand salve, his...whatever!  Where is he going to put it all if you haven't made room for him inside and/or on top of your bedside table (assuming you have one or, actually, two)?

Follow the train of thought of always making room for the man you want in your life, whether you have met him, yet, or not.  Be sure the tabletop on his side of the bed is clear of your clutter, inside and on top.

Place the Following Things In or On the Table: 

  • Magazines in which he may be interested (men's, health, sports, business, etc.)
  • A candy dish filled with his favorite candies, mints, or an assortment of such
  • Photos of the two of you together
  • A bottle of water

Be sure to update the magazines and candy often and keep extra bottles of water nearby, like in a basket under or beside the table. It's always fun to change the candies depending on the season or holidays, keeping things festive and thoughtful.

Remember, it's the little things –– it's always the little things.

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