Community Rules

  1. Current Photo and Information

    Each member is required to add a current headshot photo to her profile, as well as complete her profile details.

  2. Relative and Useful Information in the Forum

    All information posted in the Community Forum is required to be relative to practice, blogs, and videos posted on The Gorgeous Girl's Guide and The Gorgeous Girl's Guide Practices. There shall be no personal posts or outbursts, random thoughts, or spam. All posts must be deemed useful to and by the community. Any post that violates this rule will be deleted, and its author, flagged.

  3. No Point Shaving or Rigging

    Members are prohibited from manipulating our social currency system, called G-Checks (GCHX) in such a way that unfairly causes them or others to gain or lose points and/or a point advantage over other members.

  4. No Personal Inquiries

    Members are prohibited from inquiring about another member or officer's personal affairs.

  5. No Social Media Posting

    Posting or reposting content from our website, social media, live streams, printable, videos, audio, etc., or any information related to such content, is strictly prohibited.

  6. No Arguing

    Arguments between members, officers, or between members and officers, will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

  7. No Spamming

    No member is allowed to spam other members as a way o promote personal, professional, or educational endeavors of any kind, ever.

  8. Stay on Topic

    During live streamed meetings or conversations held in the forums or in comment sections within the website, members and officers will stay on topic, as to not interrupt the flow of conversation and distract others.

  9. Officers Must Be Active Members

    Officers must be active members who have been members for a minimum of nine (9) months. To be considered for office, one must remain in a top five (5) on the leaderboard for atleast six (6) months.

  10. Appeal for Re-Entry

    Once a member has been banned from the group and website, she can appeal for re-entry. At such a time, the Executive Committee and Chief Executive Officer shall discuss and vote on the matter.