Overwhelm, To Do Lists, and Tangible Goal Setting

You have a to do list in your purse right now. This ever growing list of asap tasks, mixed with the trivial and even the absolutely never going happen tasks.

And, every time you look at this list you feel overwhelmed and like you’re falling behind on your personal and your business goals.

But why?

Unless you’ve taken the time to understand and classify the items that are pressing, that truly require your attention, AND that will actually move you closer to where you want to be, you will always feel like you’re not getting enough done or that your business is stagnant.

Everything doesn’t require your hands, your eyes or your time and understanding how to classify and organize your to do’s will get you closer to success and closer to the money.

Let’s classify your goals into A, B, and C tasks by grabbing a sheet of paper and making 3 columns.


Column A:

These are tasks that need to be done today or this week AND they DIRECTLY impact your bottom line-meaning, they directly make you money. Eg. Going out and making book sales directly impacts your bottom line.

Column B:

These are tasks that need to get done, they support A tasks, but DO NOT directly impact your bottom line. Eg. Making a spreadsheet that collects the information of the buyers of your books and how many you’ve sold. It’s an important task, that needs to get done, that helps book selling go smoother, but it does not directly impact the bottom line.

Column C:

These are things or projects that you’d like to get done one day, but that have no affect on your bottom line currently. Eg. Writing a book one day or hosting a workshop one day.

All items in your columns are important to you and to your business, but organizing and classifying them helps you to understand how to better use your time AND it can also tell you why you are not bringing in the type of money you want to make in your business.

If you are spending the majority of your time in column B, and not working on tasks that directly add to the bottom line, you won’t make money. I like to say, that items in column B are the type of tasks that I should hire out for using a virtual assistant or an intern.

Today, get out your current to do list, rework it like this-into the 3 columns and give us your feedback on what you find.