Save Thousands of Dollars with AppleTV

During this year's Q4 Clean-Up, let's take a look at all the places where we can save money –– my favorite thing. After moving into my new place, where I have been for just 8 days at this point, I stalled when it came to reconnecting my DirectTV account, or switching to cable. For the past several years, I have been telling myself to upgrade my television viewing experience and downgrade my financial obligations to it. Now, years later, I have finally committed to doing so, and have saved myself thousands of dollars per year by doing this one thing.


Break Up with Satellite & Cable:

I have always had cable, and in recent years, I have only clung to it out of habit, and what a disgusting habit it is. I have been spending between $150 and $200 per month for DirectTV or cable for over 20 years. On top of that, I have had a Netflix and Hulu subscription for years, plus, I tend to rent or purchase certain movies from iTunes and sometimes DirectTV. The financial hemorrhaging is insane and completely unnecessary in this age of technological advancement.

So, when I made my recent move, I decided to give my pockets a break. Well, actually, I first called DirectTV to try to connect services, but was met with such terrible customer service that, after 6 hours on the phone, God was trying to send me a message. Cut to, a very caring friend sent me a brand new AppleTV 4K HDR from Target, via Postmates.


Subscribe to Netflix & Hulu:

A Netflix subscription will cost you:

  • $7.99 for one screen 
  • $9.99 for two screens
  • $13.99 for four screens

With Netflix, if you've never had it, you can watch an almost endless array of films, television series, documentaries, and more. All of their content is licensed for a period of time, with new items coming on, while some content falls off. So, their collection never gets stale. Their television content is not current, but a collections of seasons past. For day-old TV, you want to head over to Hulu.

A Hulu subscription will cost you:

  • $7.99 with limited commercials
  • $11.99 with no commercials
  • $39.99 for Hulu streaming plus live TV with limited commercials
  • $43.99 for Hulu streaming plus live TV with no commercials

You can also add-on:

  • $8.99 for Showtime
  • $9.99 for Cinemax
  • $14.99 for HBO

I am only paying the minimums, at the moment, which comes up about $16. I am literally paying less than $20 for my entertainment needs! Still, I think I want to upgrade my Hulu account to Live TV and add HBO and Showtime, which will cost me only $63.97. Added to my Netflix cost, I would be paying a grand total of $71.96 per month, which is still more than half of the $176 plus taxes and fees that DirectTV wanted to charge me.

With these two services, I can stream everything I like to watch, and even watch live TV. Hulu is owned by Disney, 21st Century Fox, NBC Universal, and Time Warner. This means all your favorite shows are delivered the day after they air, if you don't opt for their live TV option. The point is, for a lot less than cable or satellite, you're completely covered!


Get the Brand New AppleTV 4K HDR:

So, now that we've gotten that part of the math out of the way, let's look at the cost of the new AppleTV 4K HDR. For just $179, you can bring home an AppleTV, which is the equivalent to just one cable bill. You'll need an AppleTv for every television set in for home, so maybe you start with the living room, or your bedroom, which is where I started.

TIP: If your kids have a game console, like a Playstation for instance, they don't need an AppleTV in their rooms, since the console gives them access to Netflix and Hulu –– so you can save money there.

After paying one flat price for your AppleTV, you can gain access to your Hulu and Netflix accounts, as well as an endless library of movies and shows from around the web. If you have Amazon Prime, that's cool, too! Anything goes with AppleTV.

So far, I also like that the AppleTV works with my iPhone, it has Siri, and I have access to all my iTunes purchases, the App Store, and more. I love when all my technology works together! I'm just getting used to mine, and there is lots to learn, but the one thing I know for sure is that I will not be paying nearly $200 a month, every month, to watch my shows and movies, ever again. That's a savings of about $2,400 a year!

What could you do with an extra $2,400?