How to Pinpoint Your Passion

There is a big difference between work and life's work, and the fact of the matter is that most people are not satisfied. Chances are, you get up every morning and drag yourself into a job that helps build someone else's dream, a job that supports someone else's life's work and not your own. However, discovering your life's work first begins with pinpointing your passion, and for most people, this is an overwhelming concept. After being indoctrinated since birth to follow a particular system and do what is expected of you, and only what is expected of you, you have no idea how easy it is to find and allow your passion. Until right now...


Answer Just One Question:

Pinpointing your passion can be as easy as answering just one question –– what do you love? Now, let's get a little deeper. In a perfect world, when there is nothing and no one that needs your attention, what would you do? What do you do when you're alone, just because you enjoy it? What is the thing you do regularly, without being told or asked? What do you care about? Again, what do you love?

Finding your passion is just that simple. Also, you most likely don't have just one passion! There are probably several things you care about and want to explore, things that you could turn into a career, or a several careers. But it all starts with a little introspection. Pay attention to yourself, to the things that make you happy. Pay attention to the things that bring you even the smallest amounts of joy. Pay attention to the things you research on your personal time, and ask questions about often. Your passion is buried under there!

My Personal Passions for Example:

I was naturally fascinated with books and the words inside them from as early as two years old. By the age of five, I'd written my first book. At six years old, I know I wanted to write books for a living and be on the New York Times Bestsellers List (after my Abuelo explained what it was), and at eight years old, I was practicing what I called my "Oprah Cry," in preparation for the day I'd be sitting next to Oprah Winfrey, talking about my first book. My fascination became my passion, and my passion became my career.


At 35 years old, I became keenly aware of my age and the fact that I wasn't getting any younger when I found a crease on my face. I wanted it to go away, so I began researching why skin wrinkles and creases, and why and how the body ages. It was gone is a day. I became obsessed with my looks, which led to my obsession with healthy living, all of which became my passion. The more I found out about natural, clean, and organic living and its effects on, not only health and longevity, but natural beauty, the more I wanted to learn and share. From this passion, The Gorgeous Girl's Guide was born, which gave me an opportunity to sharpen my passion for photography as I blogged, as well.

I have always had a passion for interior design and decor. It came naturally to me, so I took a few classes and became a certified interior decorator. Simultaneously, I developed a passion for the ins-and-outs of real estate after purchasing my first home in 2006, and my second home in 2009. I renovated my first home and, after putting over $250,000 worth of design upgrades into the million dollar estate, I knew I had a knack for home improvement. After selling the property, I knew I had a knack for flipping properties. To boot, I am obsessed with my neighborhood and have been for a decade. I check the MLS online to see which homes are on the market, I go to open houses, and know the history of many of the homes in the area. So, with all this natural interest, I decided to become a licensed realtor! Coupled with my interior decor and design experience, I can serve my real estate clients as a home stager, prior to putting their homes on the market, and a decorator to the home's new owners. It all works together!

In Closing:

So, you see, it's all about what you do and love, naturally. It's about taking those things and doing a bit of research to learn more, and find out what it takes to make what you love into a career. And in the meantime, while working for someone else, make sure it's related to those things you love so much. This way, you're helping yourself while helping someone else. You are building your dream, while helping someone else build theirs. Then, when you are ready to strike out on your own, you will have the experience it takes to succeed.

My rule in life is this:

I don't do things I don't love.


Comments & Mentoring:

Sound off in the comments and let me know what you enjoy. I'd love to help you figure out how to turn your passion into a lifestyle and career. Also, for those of you would could use some one-on-one help figuring out where to go from here, leap over to The G3 Mentorship page and sign up for a Mini or Max Mentorship.

Good luck!