Tangible, Practical & Profitable Business Advice

There's a fast-growing segment around teaching others how to turn their ideas into reality, how to become profitable more efficiently, how to effectively use social media-basically, how to start, grow and expand a business idea. This type of information that is readily available in teachable and practical bites in 2016 is exactly what I needed in my business but that I could not find 6 years ago.

So, in 2010, I started a business that I needed. A think tank, an offline, then eventually an online business incubator, and a community where ideas could not only be fostered but offered tangible lessons that could make them GROW. I didn't want to waste time or money rushing to simple "empowerment" luncheons that left out the meat or the core strategies that a new business owner needs. Since formation, Women CEO Project has touched over 100,000 entrepreneurs from all over the world through our events, conferences, books, courses, tutorials and videos.

I've personally had an opportunity to to consult or be affiliated with some TOP companies in the world including Chase Bank, The White House, Mestwater School of Business, Cambridge University in London, Wells Fargo, IBM, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Dress for Success and Capital One Bank, and privately consult individual businesses in countries including Nigeria, Dubai, Monaco, London, Ghana and South Africa.

A Few Questions I Had & I Know You Do, Too:

You see, I had the same business obstacles you do now. I didn't need another girl's pow-wow. I needed someone to sit with me and offer we a way to understand and learn the answers to things like:

  • I'm spending money, but why am I not making money or enough money to cover my expenses?
  • Why is everyone's company is growing except mine?
  • How are people really using social media to make money?
  • How do I use what I know and have experienced to become a motivational speaker and help others?
  • How do I get these words in my head out, finally write this book, and use it to grow my brand influence?

Why I'm Here:

Women CEO Project was birthed from a personal need to take my own fledging real estate business and turn it into a product that stood out amongst many, that was run with less time, had me off my feet in those heels, and to finally figure out how to make more money with what I loved to do-procure and sell residential and commercial real estate. 

While I dip in and out of the country, working with women all over the world on their businesses, I'll give you the real. It is my goal, that through this blog you get an inside look at what truly happens when you say, "I do" to your dreams. I'll let you know what's good, what worked and even some failures, so that you can get a behind-the-scenes look at entrepreneurial life and know if it's for you.

This blog won't be a girl you can do it manifesto, to ONLY make you feel good and a part of a community, then leave you hanging without helping you figure out the how, the why, and the what of your business. This blog will benefit you if you think you want to start a business, you know you want to start a business, or if you're already in business but need help, more tools and a different perspective. 

My role on The Gorgeous Girl's Guide, is to head-up the Business Division and, weekly, discuss:

  • on and offline business
  • getting capital
  • brand building and image collateral 
  • becoming a speaker
  • creating your website
  • marketing strategies
  • technology 
  • finances
  • social media
  • business tips, tools, personal lessons and case studies

AND the doors will always be open for questions by emailing info@womenceoproject.com

There's a process to starting a business and access to many tools that used to be barriers to entry, are now free. We understand how to leverage free more effectively. We know there is power in social media, making on and offline connections, building your brand and growing your body of knowledge and influence. 

So, for this first week, we are going to start from the beginning, addressing what to do, how to start, how to get past fear, how to organize and then how to LAUNCH! 

I'm excited to take this weekly journey with you, welcome to the business division of The Gorgeous Girl's Guide