Part 4: Create a Plan to Market Your Product

Facebook is not a marketing plan. Let’s start there. Facebook is one of the channels that you will most likely use to expand your brand’s message and the benefits of your product, but thinking that Facebook is the way that you will make millions of dollars selling your simply isn’t true. You visit Facebook daily, millions of us do. But how often do you go to Facebook to make a purchase?

Yes, purchases happen occasionally, but for the most part, Facebook is used for entertainment purposes, so it’s the place where you DO want your product shown, but you want to focus more on the benefits of your product, show your product in use, and tell the story of your product on this platform. When determining how to market your product, you must first think about:

  • Who will benefit or use this product?
  • Where do they typically like to get information on this type of product?

In 2016, it’s competitive. You can’t just pick one avenue to market your product. You need a few. You need to reach people online and offline, audibly and visually, daily. So, to start your plan, I want you to grab a notebook, keeping your answers to my questions that I asked above in mind.

Below are some options and avenues to spread your marketing message. It’s not just about hitting social media with a few flyers. Marketing in this competitive environment is quite strategic. Here are some marketing platform options to consider.

  • Media

    • Public Relations

    • Being on the News

    • Newspaper & Magazine writeups about your product

  • Online Marketing

    • Social Media

      • Facebook

      • Instagram

      • Twitter

      • Linkedin

    • Your Digital Home

      • Your Website

      • Blog Posts

      • Guest Blog Posts

      • Audio or Video Posts on your Website

    • Video

    • Youtube

      • Vimeo

      • Instagram Stories

      • Instagram Videos

      • Periscope

      • Snapchat

      • Facebook Live Videos

    • Marketing Pieces

      • Infographics

      • Flyers

      • Marketing pieces that you share on Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest

  • Offline

    • Live Networking Events

    • Coffee Meetings

    • Speaking Engagements

  • Live/Direct

    • Mailing Direct Pieces

    • Sending Invitations, Notes or dropping off gifts to Journalists

Sit down with pen and paper and create a marketing plan to uses at least 3 of these options. After looking at all of these options, it makes just posting on Facebook seem entry level right? There are more moving parts to creating a strategic marketing plan. Some of your ideal client’s are not social media people, but they may love videos, or audio messages. You don’t want to not reach some of your ideal clients simply because you ONLY post your marketing messages on Facebook.

Don’t try to do ALL of these platforms. Because, you won’t be able to maintain it and a LARGE part of gaining clients through your marketing is consistency.

When people ask, "Kristi, how did you grow the @WomenCEOProject Instagram page so quickly?" I tell them that I marketed consistently, whether or not I had a new product or event coming up. Your audience doesn’t just want to hear from you when you have something to sell them. Take a look at all of these potential marketing platforms and see what types of marketing pieces are doing the best for your industry on these platforms.


Action Plan:

  1. Determine which 3 platforms you feel most comfortable using AND that you will use consistently.

  2. Create content to reach out to your potential audience on these platforms a minimum of 3 times a week.

  3. Measure your results using Bitly, Google Url Shortener, and Google Analytics.

  4. Watch what works, and what doesn’t work, make adjustments- then marketing again.

If you’d like a complete template to create a marketing plan, get your Master Strategy Planner { Here }.


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