The Ultimate Secret to Cleaner Credit in 45 Days

In June 2017, I set out on a mission to improve my credit. By July, my credit score improved by 73 points. Since then, my credit score has improved by more than 100 points, and it will only get better from here. All of this started with just one decision, a decision that changed my life.


The Credit Fix Guy:

  • My first step to improved credit was contacting The Credit Fix Guy, Al Jackson.
  • Visit his website, and from there, be sure to send a follower request to his instagram. Once you're in, you absolutely must turn on notifications for his account.
  • Keep an eye out for the next time he is accepting new clients, and jump at the opportunity. There will be a short window before he stops accepting new clients.
  • It will only cost you $50 to get started. You only pay for your current round. There are no recurring charges, and Al never asks for your social security number.
  • Be sure to follow all of his instructions to the letter.
  • You definitely will want to purchase his ebooks, like FICO Dominator and The Master Plan.

Tips That Really Helped Me:

  • Joining my local credit union saved my life. I opened an account and then applied for a secured personal loan. I paid several of them off in 21 days, and have set the 4th loan to pay itself off automatically for a year. I was also able to get pre-approved for an auto loan with a low interest rate, and get super cheap car insurance through the credit union.
  • I also got a secured credit card from Capital One (earlier in my journey), and 3 store cards from Synchrony Bank (after my score improved).
  • After 2 credit fixing rounds with Al, I was able to leave a home I was sick of, and move into the perfect place, with no deposit. I was able to trade-in a car I was tired of driving, and get the car I had on my vision board for 2 years, with no money down. I was able to toss out furniture I was tired of sitting on, and charge new furniture with zero interest, for my new place.

The Gorgeous Girl's Challenge:

I am challenging every member of The Gorgeous Girl's Guide to strive for an 800 credit score by the end of 2018. We are all striving, and though some may fall just a little short of our goal, each one of us are sure to be alot better off than we were when we started. So, give The Credit Fix Guy a try!