Why I Stopped Using Gel Polish


Last year, when I decided to do away with UV Gels and nail extensions for the first time in 15 years, it was a scary decision. My nails were weak and brittle, as is to be expected after all the filing and chemical treatment that comes with UV Gels or acrylic nails. My nail tech told me I should protect my nails while they grew out with Gel polish and so, that's what we did.

While the nails were short and hadn't grown past the bed, the gel polish seemed to be a good idea. But, once my nails grew past their beds, my nails would bend, peel, and break. They never seemed to get stronger, not even after the damaged nail had grown out. So, I would begrudgingly go back to UV Gels when I had events or photo shoots for which I needed my nails to be even and well-manicured.

How I Brought My Nails Back to Life:

But the last time I gave natural nail growth a try, I decided to approach it differently and not see my nail tech or wear gel polishes. Instead, I:

What I Found:

For me, gel polishes and the chemical soaking and scraping of the removal process only weakened my nails. The simple, inexpensive steps above, lead me to longer, stronger nails. I learned that my nail tech doesn't know everything and that I have to be accountable for my own nail health. Unless visiting and organic nailer salon, most nail techs are more concerned with the fashioning of nails, rather than their health.

Elisabeth Ovesen