Review: Whipped Monoi Oil


So, I recently told you how amazing this Monoi Oil is as a hot oil treatment and I find myself giving myself more treatments (twice a month) than before because of it!

My hair is very happy.

But, last night, after pressing my hair post treatment, I thought, why am I not rubbing this all over my body?

With a bona fide vanilla bean floating in the oil, it smells divine and my body deserves to smell like this -- all the time. So, I slathered it on. It absorbed quickly and I've been smelling like a vanilla bean ever since.

I'm ditching my regular coconut oil and switching to this for everyday use. For sure.

[TIP] Fill your sink with very hot water before you shower and drop the tightly closed bottle of Monoi Oil inside. When you emerge from your shower, the oil will be thoroughly melted and ready to use.

[UPDATE] I discontinued using the product. My skin is not accustomed to perfumed oils since switch to an all natural and organic lifestyle, and this oil caused my skin to break out after extended use. Real Monoi Oil takes months to make; it is my educated guess that this version of such oil is made with vanilla perfume oil versus sitting on dark shelves for months for the infusing of vanilla beans.

skinElisabeth Ovesen