12 Tips for Gorgeous Skin: Tip 5: Wear Sunscreen

Stating the Obvious:

Prevent wrinkles, brown spots, broken capillaries, sagging, and skin cancer by wearing sunscreen when outdoors. What's more, cover your skin as much as you can when out and about, for added protection. Sunglasses, brimmed hats, and umbrellas are a great way to do this. Pay attention to your hands, too. I like to wear drinking gloves when driving, protecting my hands from the sun beaming through the windshield.

Everything in the above paragraph is something we have all heard at least once and most of us probably ignore. But, as Gorgeous Girls mature, we tend to start paying attention to the changes in our bodies and our skin. And, if we're just as smart as we are gorgeous, we do everything we can to prevent looking older than we are. Sunscreen helps with that.

Sunscreen Options:

You can walk into any drug store and pick up a bottle of any brand of sunscreen with the highest SPF available. You don't need help doing that. But, I'd like to suggest a more natural approach to sun protection––something that doesn't contain the chemical compounds of the usual over the counter sunscreen–– raspberry seed oil

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