12 Tips for Gorgeous Skin: Tip 1: Wash Less, Moisturize More

Our 5th Annual Fourth Quarter Clean Up:

During the fourth and final quarter of 2015,  we will encourage you to work on improving the quality and condition of our skin by giving you one tip each day in October that will help you get the healthy, gorgeous skin you crave. The goal is to help you kick your make-up habit and raise your beauty self-esteem. After all, you don't need makeup, you need confidence!

Tip 1: Wash Less, Moisturize More

The more makeup you wear, the more you'll need to wash your skin, the more your skin's pH balance shifts, the more skin problems you will have, and the more makeup you'll want to wear. Let's end this cycle now. Here is a simple, damn near free way to care for your skin without washing it every day.

In the Morning:

  • Start off with a clean face before bed.
  • In the morning, when you wake up and/or after your shower, moisturize your face, neck, and décolletage with 5 to 7 drops of avocado oil.
  • Allow oil to absorb before applying your make-up.
  • Depending on your level of confidence, only paint your eyes, cheeks, and lips, leaving the majority of your face free.
  • If you're not that confident just yet, no worries. You'll get there.

In the Evening:

  • At the end of your day and before bed, steam your face with a hot washcloth. I recommend using a dark colored cloth so that your makeup won't ruin it.
  • Using water as hot as you can stand it, ring out the washcloth and place it on your face.
  • Press the cloth into your skin, allowing your pores to open and the dirt, oil, dead skin, and makeup to soften.
  • Then, gently wipe your face clean.
  • Rewet the cloth and repeat a couple more times or until your face looks and feels clean.
  • Pat skin dry and moisturize with 5 to 7 drops of avocado oil.

Once a Week:

Throughout the Day, Everyday:

  • Moisturize as often as you can, whenever your skin feels dry or when your skin looks lackluster. Using 3 to 5 drops several times a day will help repair your skin and help you go without makeup more often. Naturally, if you have makeup already caked on during the day, reparative moisturizing won't be an option for you. I implore you to leave your skin free of foundations and concealers.

Bonus Cleansing Option:

Let's say you follow the daily regimen Monday through Friday, then cleanse and exfoliate on Saturday. Well, try oil cleansing on Sunday! Doing it is easy.

  • Rub 10 to 15 drop of avocado oil into your face, neck, and décolletage. Massage the oil into your skin for about a minute before removing it with a hot washcloth. After all the oil is removed, moisturize with the regular 5 to 7 drops of more oil.