12 Tips for Gorgeous Skin: Tip 6: Treat Your Lips Right

Skin, Skin Everywhere:

You skin is your largest organ and, here's the big surprise, it's literally all over your body. Everywhere. So, don't forget to treat all areas of that skin tenderly, including your lips.

Smooth, Healthy Lips in One two Steps:

Firstly, be sure to exfoliate your lips. For this, you can use your trust Buf Puf, and natural and non-toxic sugar and salt body scrub, or just your washcloth. They key here is to remove dead skin cells, as well as the residue from lip balm, gloss, and lipstick.

And speaking of lip balm, this is the second and final step. Once your lips are exfoliated, bathe them in an organic lip balm, like the one pictured from (my favorite) The Honest Company. Your balm has to be organic and natural. It just has to be, because eventually, it's going to end up in your mouth and in your system. Balms like Chap Stick and Carmex are filled with poisonous ickies that only do you harm. So, keep it organic, Gorgeous.

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