The Juice Beauty Facial

On an ongoing regular basis, I love the DOW Method for everyday skincare. It is a simple, natural, and inexpensive method that uses only dirt (in the form of clay), oil, and water (plus natural water based astringents and toners) to help keep skin healthy and happy. But, sometimes, The DOW Method just isn't enough –– and that's why I recommend Juice Beauty as part of our methodology.

If your skin is in an emergency state, this facial is a life saver. Juice Beauty was the first all-natural and organic line of skincare I tried when I began my non-toxic beauty journey back in 2009. It transformed my skin and my confidence in a way I have never forgotten, and sparked the revolution that continues to inspire The Gorgeous Girl's Guide.

I recommend this products for daily use, and this weekly facial, to any woman who is in the beginning of her non-toxic, clean, and organic beauty and health journey. This system is perfect for those of you who need a head-start in getting rid of dark marks, uneven tone, and textural issues. You will see overnight results after following this method, and continues results over the next couple weeks. Within a month's time, your entire face will look and feel different.

Facial Shopping List: