Sally Hansen's Complete Care

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Still in the process of reaching my desired natural nail length and strength, and after break one of my middle finger nails broke down to the bed, I headed to the local drug store for a new cure.

I was looking for a polish that would strengthen and accelerate nail growth and, supposedly, this product can do that. I have always had good luck with Sally Hansen nail treatments and I'm hoping this one will be no different.

About this Polish:

This Complete Care 4-in-1 Treatment can be used as a:

  • base coat

  • strengthener

  • growth treatment

  • top coat

According to the Salley Hansen website:

Advanced technology & high-performance ingredients are combined to deliver the benefits of 4 nail treatments in 1 revolutionary formula!

  1. Base Coat - Patented Okoume Extract help ridges and imperfections virtually disappear. Nails grow out smoother with less ridges and flaws.

  2. Strengthener - Micro-Minerals & Bio-Vitamins help restore strength. Weak, fragile nails are protected and reinforced to resist breaks, splits and cracks.

  3. Growth Treatment - Triple Protein Complex & Active Botanicals nourish and revitalize nails so they grow out healthy. Short, problem nails grow longer and stronger.

  4. Top Coat - State-of-the-Art Micro-Technology creates an incredibly durable, scratch resistant shield of chip proof protection with breathtaking, high-gloss shine!

  5. PLUS a Moisturizing Complex


Tracking My Broken Nail Progress:

Here is a photo of the broken nail in question. I have just started this new nail treatment and will track its progress of the next few weeks, before heading out on The Vindicated Tour. I have also broken both thumb nails which doesn't really bother me, but they are still in training and I'll see if this treatment helps them survive this time.

Elisabeth Ovesen